Our law firm provides clients defense against Razor Capital debt buyer lawsuits in the state of Texas. They may not have all the documents required to prove that a debt is owed.

Razor Capital is known to have the following information:

Razor Capital

8000 Norman Center Drive, #860
Bloomington, MN 55437

Lawsuit filed by Razor Capital?

If you have been sued then you need to answer the lawsuit. Participants in the system often have a better outcome than those that do nothing. Some of the options that you have are to:

Attempt to Negotiate a settlement with Razor Capital before the answer is due. Many people recognize they may owe a debt and choose to attempt to settle the debt before an answer is due to the court. Many creditors are receptive to a quick settlement rather than spending more time and money in a lawsuit. Even if they can provide some of the documentation to the court, there is always a chance they could lose.

Answer the Lawsuit Razor Capital filed. Even if you think you may owe a debt it is still up the debt buyer that filed the lawsuit to prove that they own the debt, have the right to file suit, and have enough documentation to prove a debt is owed. They may not be able to successfully produce all required documentation when challenged.

Do nothing. Many people decide to do nothing for lack of funds or fear of what can happen. Razor Capital may take a judgment against them and then ultimately have their bank accounts frozen (bank garnishment).

The best time to take care of a lawsuit is NOW. It can potentially get more costly and worse. We offer competitive fees to handle this for you.